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Pi Upsilon Lambda is Chapter number 652 of the Alpha Phi Alpha Fraternity Incorporated, whose initial chapter seat was Brandywine, Maryland. The Chapter seat was relocated to Largo, Maryland in 1997 upon a majority of the brothers present and voting at a duly scheduled meeting of the Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter. The chapter was granted a charter at the 1993 New Orleans General Convention on August 1 (1993). Brother Alex Bailey, the chartering President made a call from the Convention in New Orleans to Brother Keith Wilson indicating that the motion to approve the chapter was made and approved approximately at 11:18 New Orleans' time. The Official chartering ceremony was held at Andrews Air Force Base Noncommissioned Officers Club on Sunday, December 12, 1993. Brothers Tom Brown, Sr. and Ronald Anderson led the chartering ceremony committee. Brother Darryl R. Matthews, then Deputy Executive Director of Alpha Phi Alpha was the Keynote Speaker. At the Chartering Ceremony, it was noted by Brother Matthews that Pi Upsilon Lambda was the largest chartering chapter in the history of Alpha to date. Well-over eighty percent of the membership was a result of a major reclamation effort. Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter was chartered with sixty-one members. This large reclamation effort was due to Brother Robert Kirkland. Six active brothers of Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter including Brother Robert Kirkland were the initial catalysts, which set the stage for the birth of Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter. These brothers were: Keith Wilson, Raymond Blackstone, Thomas Brown, Sr., Al Perrine, Sr., Robert Kirkland and Alex Bailey. Brother Kirkland solicited 45 brothers that he knew including some whom had affiliated with Kappa Epsilon Lambda Chapter but were inactive. Brother Kirkland offered these brothers the opportunity to be in on the ground floor of the chartering of a new chapter. The names of the additional charter brothers are listed on the charter. On June 17, 1993 the initial letter was mailed to the General Office requesting the establishment of a new chapter. Notices were sent out for the first of several planning meetings in July 1993 in Marlboro Hall, Prince George Community College, Largo, MD. At the last planning meeting before the General Convention, Brother Alex Bailey volunteered to represent the group's interest before the National Convention in New Orleans, since the Chairman of the Membership Standards and Extension Committee (Ronald Mangum), the Eastern Regional V'ce President (Tony Mann) and our District Director (Sam Wilson) had indicated that such an appearance could be beneficial to our petition for a Chapter.

The Chapter's primary focus is community service, education and scholarship. The first officers were: Pres. Alex Bailey; Vice President, Keith Wilson; Secretary, Kenneth Tucker; Treasurer, Roland Chase; Director of Education, Loring Millin; Director of Intake Robert Kirkland; Associate Editor to the Sphinx, John Harris; Historian, Al Perrine; and Chaplain, Jesse McDaniel. In the first year of existence. our initial address was P.O. Box 279, Brandywine, MD 20613. Later the address was changed to P.O. Box 3766 Capitol Heights, MD 20791. In the first year we sent out monthly letters to remind brothers of the chapter meetings. We also included a monthly calendar of activities. Later a PUL hotline was established with the following number: 301/572-1906. The chapter voted to have the hotline replace the monthly letters and calendars of activities.

In the first year of existence, Pi Upsilon Lambda (PUL) Chapter engaged in various community projects and activities in both Brandywine and Suitland, Maryland. PUL held Financial Aid workshops, Tutorial Program for the State Math Functional Examination; a Lock-in for Prince Georges' County Black Male Achievement Group; conducted a Feed-the-Homeless Program in Hyattsville and delivered Food Baskets to the needy on holidays such as Easter, Thanksgiving, and Christmas. PUL made donations to several churches as a part of our Joint Worship Program. Pi Upsilon Lambda Chapter established the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation, which is a scholarship foundation. The original goal of the Charitable Foundation was to be an endowment fund such that the principal of the endowment fund would forever generate interest which would be awarded to needy students from Prince Georges' County as they pursue a college education preferably at a Historical Black College or University. PUL adopted Cub Scout Pack 1294 of Largo, MD and served in various capacities with the Pack. This relationship lasted for two years. One of the highlights was the car wash at the Fire Department across from Prince Georges' Community College.

During the initial two years, PUL was donated a plexi-glass Alpha light. The maker and donor was Brother Virgil Green, made in Gamma Iota 1974. The chapter purchased its own audio system consisting of a speaker, control box and two remote lapel microphones. The first chapter banner was purchased through Alpha headquarters and donated to the chapter by charter member, Brother Al Perrine, Sr. PUL launched itself into various aspects of our National Alpha Phi Alpha Programs while enduring its own growth. Brother Alex Bailey took PUL through its initial stages and served uncontested as President for the first two years (93-94 and 94-95). Brother Bailey encouraged the chapter to function at the local, district, regional and national levels. The chapter purchased an ad in the Chicago General Convention Souvenir Booklet. We took a picture of the chapter members at our First Black and Gold Ball. The chapter's first Black and Gold Ball was held at University of Maryland Conference Center, College Park Maryland. Brother Ronald Anderson was the Chairman. The Chapter adopted a portion of the Highway under the Adopt-a-Highway Clean up Program. Brother Thomas Brown, Sr. chaired the initial highway clean-up efforts. PUL took over its first line in 1995 under Brother Al Perrine as Director of Intake. That line consisted of four men in order: William Saunders, Erroll Paden; Kenneth Moore and Ronald Robertson. The second line, Spring 1996 under Brother William Asmond (Director of Intake), consisted of Gregory C. Early, Jr., Harold Huguley, III and Ed Jackson. The Chapter sponsored a Boat Ride on the Spirit of Washington to get the initial funds for the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation. Brother Byron Adams chaired this event. The first constitution was adopted. The chapter, led by Bro. Alex Bailey was encouraged to "Work Smarter...Not Harder". In the second year of existence several of PUL members relocated for different reasons. PUL joined the joint effort for a picnic for Washington area chapters at Fort McNair and a joint area chapter celebration of Founders' Day at Andrews Air Force Base. The chapter held its first Christmas Party at the Clubhouse of the Hampton Complex in Largo, MD. Brother Don Dorsey who lived in the complex served as Chairman. The chapter held its first picnic at Fort Meade beside Burba Lake. Brother William Asmond was the Chairman. PUL was recognized by Prince Georges' County School s for its Tutoring; Mentoring; Financial Aid Workshop; and Lock-in. PUL attended the General Convention in Chicago, Illinois where PUL was cited and complimented in the opening address by the then General President Milton Davis for its outstanding effort in reclamation in chartering the new chapter. PUL received a citation for its reclamation effort at the General Convention. PUL managed to retain and maintain its efforts to make a difference.

In an effort to ensure that PUL was not only a full fledge operating chapter of Alpha, we took some extraordinary measures to make sure we were on par with other chapters. As an alumni chapter, we meet once a month and have an executive meeting between meetings. During our initial stages, we developed a phone tree system. We changed the meeting format to an opening adopting the agenda, introductions; reading prior minutes and then holding various committee meetings; coming back to a general body for a report out from the various committees, voting on recommendations from these committees meetings; new business; for the good of the order and closing with hymn and prayer. We were determined that since it was a process of learning each other as well that we would attend some after meeting social gathering - usually eating at a local restaurant and/or bar.

Brother Ronald Anderson was elected by unanimous vote as the second President of PUL for 95-96. Under Brother Ronald Anderson's administration, PUL focused upon redesigning structure and procedures. The Chapter's Constitution was rewritten; Standards of Operating Procedures were put into place for all officers and committee chairmen; and accountability stressed in all forums. During Brother Anderson's administration the Black and Gold Ball was moved by chapter vote under the direction of the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation. The second Black and Gold Ball was held at University of Maryland Conference Center at the University of Maryland, College, Park Maryland. The third Black and Gold Ball was held at the Greenbelt Marriott, in Greenbelt Maryland. The Chapter gave out its first 1000 dollar scholarship to Kiveyette Nelson a graduate of Gwyn Park High School who attended Delaware State University in Delaware. The chapter's primary focus was on self-assessment and processes. The tutorial program. Financial Aid workshop and a Black History Month Program were implemented in the school system. PUL held its first solo Founders' Day Program at Greenbelt Marriott in Greenbelt. MD with Brother Sam Wilson, the Eastern Region Vice President as Speaker.

PUL did not identify any candidates for the first joint intake process in Fall 1996. Brothers Al Perrine and Alex Bailey worked with the Area Director, Herbert Pittman in this initial joint intake process.

Only Iota Zeta (University of Maryland College Park) identified candidates for this process.

The chapter held its first Super Bowl Party at Brother Alex Bailey home in January 1995. Brother Thomas Ervin served as the Chairman. Brother Ronald Anderson served as President only one year 1995-96.

Brother Keith Wilson was elected President for 96-97, unanimously. Brother Wilson focused the chapter on community service, retention and reclamation. The chapter held its first formal Reclamation Program in Laurel (1995) with Brother Thomas Ervin as Chairman. The chapter members began to serve in greater numbers at the national level. PUL was one of the hosting chapters of the first biannual convention that was held in Washington, DC in July-August 1997.

Brother Keith Wilson oversaw the chapter's commitment and participation in that major undertaking. PUL was one of ten hosting chapters of the General Convention. In addition, PUL was responsible for the Step Show, which was held at the University of the District of Columbia netting almost 35,000 dollars, and without incident. At the Fourth annual Black and Gold Ball (November 8, 1997), PUL through the APA PUL Charitable Foundation gave out its second 1000 dollar scholarship to Ms. Ryane Edmonds, a graduate of Largo High School, who attended Xavier University in New Orleans, LA. In a joint effort, PUL and the Alpha Phi Alpha Pi Upsilon Lambda Charitable Foundation along with WHUR radio station hosted a Basketball Tournament at Largo High School (May 1997). The Basketball Tournament was the brainchild of Brother Hudson "Rusty" Byrd, III. The souvenir booklet consisted of ads, names of teams, and greetings from the Chapter President. Those in attendance were treated to a half time show by the Washington Bullettes the cheerleaders of the National Basketball Association team Washington Wizards formerly named the Washington Bullets. Under President Wilson, PUL's second line (Spring 1997) was made under the new cluster rules, which saw the addition of two brothers to PUL: Brother Stewart Jones #3 and Brother Richard Mathis #4 in Spring 1997. Brother Keith Wilson was re-elected President in the first challenge of the Presidency by Brother William Asmond. Under re-elected President Keith Wilson, the Fall 1997 line under the cluster process, saw the addition of one brother to PUL, Brother Michael Stephens. Brother Stephens #2 of 12 served as the line President. PUL Founders Day, December 7, 1997; was co-hosted by Omicron Eta Lambda Chapter of Washington, DC. Brother General Johnnie E. Wilson, the second African American four-star General of the Army was our Speaker. Our founders' day celebration was attended by the National President, Adrian Wallace and Brother Sam Wilson, the Eastern Region Vice President. PUL member, Brother Gregrory Jackson is the National Director of Membership; PUL member, Brother Zollie Stevenson is the National Director of National Programs; PUL member Brother Andre' Watkins is the Chair of the Management Information Systems Committee; Brother Ed Jackson Chaired Martin Luther King monument (Foundation Design Committee); former President PUL President Ron Anderson serves Special Assistant to the General President and charter President Alex Bailey served as Special Assistant to the Eastern Region Vice President.

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